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Einwin Cloud

Einwin Cloud Intelligent Platform


Einwin Cloud intelligent platform integrates the effective property management experience in the industry. Based on the community service scope, it creates an intelligent community operation platform integrating with property service, community business and public service through AI technology, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing with the basic property services as the core.


Take the two secondary platforms of Einwin Intelligence and Einwin Life as ports to connect the internal management system of enterprise with terminal owners/residents in helping the property enterprises “perform good deed”, “serve good person” and “master money”, so as to reduce cost, increase benefit as well as provide convenient one-stop community services for customers.

Einwin Cloud Alliance members
Einwin Intelligence
Ecological system of community
(make community better)
Einwin Life
Einwin Cloud Platform
Community Internet of Things
(based on the maintenance and appreciation of assets)
community life services
(everything needed for community life)
Big Data

Based on the community service scope, Einwin Cloud Platform 

Provide IoT property service through Einwin Intelligence

Property services, community business and public services 

Intelligent community operation platform

It is an integrated solution for the property service industry