Change community of strangers to community of acquaintances

Einwin Hillside Ivy

Change “community of strangers” to “community of acquaintances”

Establish “Heart to Heart” link among the staff, owners and business partners with sincerity

Einwin Hillside Ivy   Plan

  1. Staff

  2. Owner

  3. Business

  • Influence of education

    Spring Rain

  • Eastward sunshine

    Time To East

  • All rivers reach the sea

    Rivers Run Into Sea

Ten heart-to heart families: a close neighbor is better than a brother far off

Through ten heart-to-heart families, neighbors get to know each other, become familiar and trustworthy. Let us know many warm-hearted neighbors and let us feel the warm and comfort of the community life.

Health station: no health, no happiness

Chang Cheng Property has established more than 390 health stations across the country, benefiting cumulative more than 1 million people and more than 10,000 people every day. Co-build healthy communities and contributing to building a healthy China.

Community volunteers: let the sunshine lighten the community

At present, Chang Cheng Property has established nearly 200 Einwin Hillside Ivy Community Volunteer Stations across the country, and officially entered the “Volunteer China” information system---Volunteer Pool launched under the guidance by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League. Currently, the community public welfare programs, including Healthy Station, Most Beautiful Family Building Workshop, 4:30 Class, are well received by the owners. More than 10,000 Einwin Hillside Ivy volunteers work with the property company to jointly build a better community.