Business cooperation

Business co-building

Business cooperation

Core characteristics·marketization

There is no real estate resources to support survival——only adhere to the reputation of services and open cooperation
Einwin Cloud Alliance
Full-range property trust services
Transparent property management
Joint investment and cooperation
Reform of mixed-ownership of state-owned enterprises

Einwin Cloud Alliance

It is jointly launched by a number of brand property enterprises and high quality merchants/suppliers across the country. With the core concepts of openness, cooperation and sharing, it forms a cross-industry commercial alliance in the form of contractual cooperation and equity cooperation through the connection of the Einwin cloud intelligent platform.


alliance enterprises


management area (㎡)


number of projects


families served (households)

Full-range property trust services

Provide full-range property trust services for residential, public construction, business and other types of business

24-hour exclusive housekeeper service 

Einwin Cloud intelligent security service 

One-stop life services 

Standard management service 

Community culture activities  

Life cycle assets service 



Efficient and professional consulting team helps the cooperative enterprises to improve in an all-round way

Consultation characteristics: 

Profession, inheritance, matching, appreciation

Consultation range

1. Enterprise management consultation

2. Project management consultation

3. Third-party assessment 

4. Professional training 

Transparent property management

It advocates community owners to take the democratic decision-making as the guide based on owner’s rights, follow the procedural rule of collective decision-making, and achieve dynamic integration of owner autonomy and professional property service through equal contractual relationship of property service contract, so as to guarantee owners’ rights to know, to make decision and to oversee the property services. The property companies should standardized operation, implement financial disclosure, co-management of funds and obtain transparent remuneration. The profit and loss of property service funds should be jointly enjoyed or borne by all owners, so that more owners can enjoy transparent property services.

Joint investment and cooperation

Invest capital with partners to establish joint ventures to share resources and complement each other’s advantages

Chang Cheng Property Group and the partner jointly invest to establish the joint venture, Chang Cheng Property Group mainly outputs the brand, management capabilities, system and operation team. 

Reform of mixed-ownership of state-owned enterprises

The reform of mixed-ownership of state-owned enterprises gives full play to market advantages and seeks common development

Introduce market-based management idea and quality standard, achieve the value preservation and increment and quality improvement of property assets of state-owned enterprises, achieve the economic effects of property management, thus achieving win-win cooperation.

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