Chancheng——Chang Cheng·Ruicheng

Safety, intactness, tidiness, empowerment, growth

Happiness community

Full –range value chains in the city

Chancheng community——industrial park, science park, logistics park

Urban services——stadiums, government office buildings, educational institutions, transportation hubs, parks and scenic areas, characteristic towns


Replying on Chang Cheng building intelligent products/Einwin technology big data/Chang Cheng assets management/bidding and purchasing system and so on,
it carries out digital infrastructure reconstruction of the future assets in the case, integrates Chang Cheng service ecology, and links the potential energy of resources linkage to build a brand new digital and intelligent business platform;
It provides complex assets value-added service solutions to provide users with office experience in industrial community based on the full-service cycle

Assets digitalization/intellectual property cloud innovation/value-added visualization

Project display

  • Hefei Metro Line 3
    Total length of 32,700km

    Hefei Rail Transit Line 3 is the third metro line to be put into operation in Hefei. The first phase of the project (Xiangcheng Road Station to Xingfuba Station) has been put into operation on December 26, 2019.

    Large-scale park, Tech city
    Hospitals, logistics parks, stadiums, transportation hubs
    Transportation hub
    • Suzhou Nanometer City

      Management area: 1,500,000㎡

    • Nantong Technology Window

      Management area: 170,000㎡

    • Zone A of Tech Complex in Xincheng Science Park in Nanjing

      Management area: 680,000㎡

    • Shanghai Zhonghe High-tech Park

      Management area: 550,000㎡

    • Headquarters Hospital of Nanjing Eastern Theater

      Management area: 115,000㎡

    • Guangzhou GLP Logistics Park

      Management area: 440,000㎡

    • Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center

      Management area: 206,800㎡

    • Chongqing Jiangbei Airport

      Management area: 530,000㎡

    • Hangzhou Loong Air

      Management area: 51466㎡

    • Tianjing CSIC (China Shipbuilding Industry Coproration) Mansion

      Management area: 19214.6㎡

    • Jining Fenghuangtai Botanic Garden

      Management area: 641,100㎡

    • Jining Children Park

      Management area: 581,000㎡

    • Zhangjiakou Fulong·Siji Town

      Management area: 253,857㎡