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High-rise, super high-rise commercial office building;urban commercial complex; enterprise service

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Full-range integrated services

We provide basic services, property management and consulting services for the public areas of the real estate we served, and make customers’ assets more valuable through the care and maintenance of things.

Technological and digital construction

The intelligent platform integrates the international leading information maintenance and management system and the expert resources and technical support of the company to provide customers with intelligent full life cycle solutions for commercial office buildings, commercial complexes, enterprise facilities and equipment, parks and other commercial real estates.

Full life cycle property operation

workplace space planning, equipment and facilities maintenance and operation, environmental management and governance services, energy consumption management services, daily services required by internal staff, major event support services, relocation services, etc. At the same time, in order to cooperate with the adjustment of diversified business strategy of the enterprise, it also provides value-added services such as space management strategy, industry benchmark analysis report sharing, overall workflow certification of operation team, etc.

Assets growth supplier

According to customer requirements, we provide one-stop customized assets management service solution to maximize investment, assets value and investment return.

Shanghai Hongqiao World Center

Land area: 180,000㎡, overall floorage: 800,000㎡

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core security zone
more difficulties in open environment


Field headquarters station
National games services cover


Super Class 5A Commercial Complex
National commercial service benchmark

Escorting achievement sharing

Received more than 50 commercial delegations from different countries
Provided parking service for nearly 30,000 government affairs vehicles (registered vehicles with license)
Served for more than 180 government conferences

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Advanced primary party organizationExcellent communist (PM)   Letter of thanks from the headquarters of China International Import Expo (CIIE)
Letter of thanks from the headquarters of China International Import Expo (CIIE)Prize for duty during China International Import Expo (CIIE)Top-100 of property managers
Escorting achievement sharing
Escorting achievement sharing
High-rise, super high-rise commercial office building
urban commercial complex
  • Ningbo Greenland Center (2nd high-rise in the east)

    Height: 240m Management area: 400,000㎡

  • Xi’an Greenland Center (2nd high-rise)

    Height: 270m Management area: 170,000㎡

  • Nanchang Zifeng Mansion (1st high-rise in Changdong town, Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province)

    Height: 268m Management area: 210,000㎡

  • Suzhou Fanhua Center

    Height: 85m Management area: 320,000㎡

  • Foshan Shunde Beijiao Commercial Plaza (independent management)

    Height: 55m Management area: 100,000㎡

  • Suzhou Wujiang Wanbao Commercial Plaza

    Height: 65m Management area: 150,000m2

  • Shanghai Greenland Binjiang Center

    Management area: 190,000m2

  • Shanghai Greenland International Commercial Plaza

    Management areal 297,600 m2