Residence——Chang Cheng·Ruijia

Safety, intactness, tidiness, convenience, comfort

Happiness community

Enjoy life, embrace sunlight

Multi-storey Hige-rise Residence Detached House Apartment

A better community is inseparable from harmony between people, and harmony between people and the environment.
Building a better community not only requires guarantee of governance mechanism and professional services,
But also requires warm and sincere link between people to meet the emotional value appeal of the owners.
Chang Cheng Property applies “Transparent Property Service Mode” and “Ten Heart-to-Heart Families” to build a better community.

Project display

  • National Olympic Village of 2008 Beijing Olympics
    Property service

    provider Overall floorage: over 500,000 m2. It consists of 42 6-storey or 9-storey north-south elevator slab-type apartment buildings. It has won the reputation of “Olympic Property” with “zero complaint”.

    Multi-storey High-rise Residence
    Detached House, Villa
    • Shenzhen Baishaling District (the first property project)

      Management areas: 900,000㎡

    • Beijing Huilongguan District (the first symbol of the industry)

      Management areas: 1,310,000㎡

    • Fuzhou Shimao Bund

      Management areas: 270,000㎡

    • Shanghai Tianhe Xingfuli

      Management area: 110,000㎡

    • Wuxi Greenland Dongwang Jingyuan

      Management area: 200,000㎡

    • Nanjing Hengsheng Jinlingwan

      Management area: 600,000㎡

    • Nanchang-Greenland Haiyu Xiangting

      Management area: 350,000㎡

    • Dalian-Oriental Youshan Meidi

      Management area: 2,100,000㎡

    • Shanghai-Jingyuan Siji Yuting

      Management area: 126,000㎡

    • Baiyin Peach Garden Ecological Sanatorium

      Management area: 130,000㎡

    • Wuxi-Greedland Dongwang Jingyuan

      Management area: 200,000㎡

    • Shanghai Greenland New Nanlu Yihao

      Management area: 340,000㎡