Learn and Grow up

Complete learning resources library

Internal experience input

Job transfer of talent
Training classes are completely launched
Talent training and development for core positions
Build benchmark

External experience input

Consulting company
Trans-boundary integration

resources library


Chang Cheng property management personnel training and propaganda

Standard process

Benchmark urban
CWT training operation

Curriculum system

Project manager
Urban General Manager
Customer service /marketing

Learning manual

Action learning manual
Class operation


Sharing of relevant cases
in different positions

Learning video

Online learning of each
post at operating level

Flexible learning platform


  • Live streaming
  • WeChat class group
  • Learning platform


  • CWT
  • On site learning
  • Model visit
  • Two studies one action
  • Class training
  • One-to-one

Complete training team

Full-time team

College/branch company

Einwin Ivy College

Training Department of Branch Company

External training instructor

Part-time team

Department head

Professional convener

Responsible person

Responsible person for course development

Course undertaker

Construction of example organization

Ability development

  • Team learning

  • Team learning

  • Project management

  • Team learning

  • Team learning

  • Project management

Ability construction and development

Informatization system support

Information IT

learning platform

Mini program

Living streaming

Tracking check

Implementing tracking

Training record

Key actions for learning and growth

① Insist on doing the right thing: improve the competency rate of talents in core positions/implementation

② Penetrate into basic units through the training activities such as “two studies and one action”, “CWT” and benchmark city, etc.

③ First year of culture: assist cultural publicity and implementation; quality first year; promote quality from “should known and should be informed”

④ Build a learning organization through “two bombs and one satellite”

⑤ Job transfer of talent: development and promotion of talent training system for core positions